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Megan + Pat

Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu, California

I am a very detail oriented person and a bit of a control freak. Working with Kayla was amazing. In the beginning, I really wanted to be involved in planning every detail of my wedding. Kayla let me take the initiative, but also provided sound feedback and suggestions. As we got closer to our wedding and I still didn't have a few vendors, Kayla found us some amazing options well within our budget. About a month before, she completely took everything over! it was amazing. She picked up all my DIY decor items in advance, I didn't have to worry about lugging any of them to the venue the day of, she had a detailed timeline she laid out and took care of all the last minute issues so I didn't have to worry about them leading up to my wedding. She was already very responsive when I had questions or concerns throughout the entire process and very flexible about when and where we would meet for our planning meetings.
I would highly recommend Kayla for any type of bride (from very controlling to doesn't want to plan anything herself). She is always fun, nice, and calming. Any problems that arose, whether it was budgeting along the way, vendor coordination, the possibility of rain for an outdoor wedding, dress straps snapping, or the power going out, she will work through every problem and is very prepared.

Lily + Alex

Los Robles Greens, Thousand Oaks, California

Where do I even begin? It took awhile for my husband and I to finally decide to have a wedding. Never having been the type to know exactly what I wanted my dream wedding to be like, or even know anything about weddings to be honest, I knew we were not going to be able to do this alone. Nor did we want to. In comes Kayla and Brilliant Wedding Co. From the very beginning Kayla was there to help us along the way, step by step, for every decision in the planning process. From the very big decisions to even the little minor details, Kayla was there. I appreciate her patience for my indecisiveness, going back and forth on things, and even last minute changes. Her recommendations from photographers, florals, and entertainment were spot on! We are so happy we went with her recommendations. 
Weeks and days leading up to the big day, Kayla made sure to check in with us. She was always available via email or text to answer any and all questions we had. People asked me how I was so calm, planning a wedding and all. My answer? I have a wedding planner!! And an amazing one at that! 
Even though I knew what the decorations (florals, table design, etc.) were going to look like, the day of the wedding I was blown away at how BEAUTIFUL everything looked put together. Kayla did an amazing job with the design and layout. My guests could not stop raving about how beautiful and organized the wedding was! 
We are happy we went with Brilliant Wedding Co. Absolutely no regrets. Kayla was so great to work with. You can definitely see her passion in wedding planning and her knack for details are unparalleled. We highly recommend Kayla & Brilliant Wedding Co to everyone!!! Thank you so much Kayla, for making our wedding come to life. 



Or + Kimmy

Hummingbird Nest Ranch, Santa Susana, California

To say that I am a particular person in general is a vast understatement - I am a unique combination of super picky, fairly stubborn and incredibly indecisive. So you can only imagine how I was as a bride in wedding-planning mode. Add to that parents who were hosting the wedding who live in another state (and only were in town 2 days during wedding planning) and a husband from another continent whose customs and expectations of what a wedding entails were often not aligned with mine. 

But Kayla from Brilliant Wedding Co. handled this all with stride. I could send her a photo of a tablecloth or cake platter that I found on Instagram and HAD to have and in no time at all she was sending me recommendations of local places I could get something similar. She didn't blink an eye when we joined the florist at the flower mart, spent several hours hand-picking the flowers for the wedding (which I'm fairly certain most florists don't let their brides do) and then an hour after placing the order I changed my mind. She didn't tell me I was crazy when I mentioned multiple times that I had a specific way I wanted each napkin knotted - and for the record all ~165 napkins were knotted just as I had envisioned. And she had an incredible level of patience while doing the wedding rehearsal with 14 foreigners (half of which are rowdy children who do not speak English) who had never experienced an organized American wedding processional/recessional. 

Thanks so much for Brilliant Wedding Co. for helping bring to life our vision and the most amazing day of our lives!

Video by Spark Story here:
Photos by Jenny Quicksall (referred by Brilliant Wedding Co.).


Sierra + Sean

Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm, Goleta (Santa Barbara), California

Working with Kayla Brill of Brilliant Wedding Co was an amazing experience! I had a guest list of 220 people, a very complicated wedding venue, many vendors and everything went so smoothly thanks to Kayla. Kayla made my wedding an absolute dream! I had an amazing day and I didn't have to worry about anything. She had everything so organized from start to finish and she made the wedding planning process so enjoyable and was always there to help me if I had questions or any doubts. Additionally, Kayla has the best attitude and is the sweetest person ever. Kayla is a true professional and an amazing wedding planner! I highly recommend using Kayla as your planner or coordinator for your wedding or event!


Jodee Debes Photography

Jodee Debes Photography

Zach + Nikki

Orchid Farm, Santa Barbara, California

My husband and I have been one of the lucky ones to have worked with Kayla. She literally made our wedding dreams come true. In a nutshell, our wedding was not your typical wedding to plan. Basically, it could have been a logistical nightmare if our wedding was placed in the wrong hands. For starters our wedding was not by any means intimate or quaint, we had over 300 people attend our wedding. But more importantly, we were working with a complete blank canvas for a venue. Now this could have gone one of two directions, it could have looked like an ugly disaster or turned into what I thought was a fairytale wedding. Since we were working with a blank canvas as a venue, we had almost 30 vendors. What could have looked like the worst night ever, turned out to be the most memorable night of my life. Her attention to detail, her unbelievable organizational skills, amazing communication and never once cracked under pressure, are only a few of Kayla's noteworthy qualities. She made the entire weekend run so smoothly, with such ease and grace. Still to this day I have people coming up to me saying "hey you're that bride from that wedding," and they will reference our wedding hashtag. The pictures speak for themselves so check it out on Instagram, #HolyMendomony and take my word for it, Kayla was the one that made it all come to life. We couldn't be more grateful for all that she did and the experience we had working with her.

Tara Francis Photography

Tara Francis Photography

Dave + Alexon

Brasada Ranch, Bend, Oregon

 Working with Kayla was an absolute dream! We literally cannot recommend her enough!! A few things really set her apart. She's incredibly organized and detail oriented - we never worried once that she might miss something in any step of the planning. Kayla's vendor sourcing and management was spot on. She also has wonderful, creative ideas and a great sense of style! She went so many lengths to make our wedding perfect and was so kind throughout the whole process. She even worked with a rentals business to build the perfect tables and fabricate an iron base so that we could build our own arbor! Her passion and love for weddings comes through in every interaction. We miss our phone calls and working with her!

Studio 7 Photo

Studio 7 Photo

Alex + Azadeh

FantaSea One Yacht, Marina Del Rey, CA

Kayla was everything we could have asked for in a wedding planner. She was punctual, accessible, and everything ran as planned on the day of the wedding. She went above and beyond in every capacity, and we are so happy we made the decision to go with her. Thanks Kayla!


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